Gray Invest deliver a variety of services to the marked. We aim to deliver superior quality within the different business areas. We have been in the marked since 2005 and have a strong record delivering to demanding customers.

Gray Select

Gray Select aims to be the preferred Partner for customers. Through the development and building of strong and positive relations with our customers and candidates we deliver exceptional quality services to our customers.

Global Plastic Waste Management

Global Plastic Waste Management shall be a world class company removing plastic garbage from the oceans on earth. Today 6.4 million tons of plastic garbage are emptied into the sea every year. During many years this has accumulated vast amounts of plastic garbage in the sea.

Gray Invest Florida

Florida deliver a high quality life style and we want to be the #1 sales agent for homes to customers in the Nordic and the UK marked. We have a close cooperation with reputable realtors throughout Florida. We can offer you a full range of condos and single family homes in all price classes. It’s simply up to you. Contact us and describe what you would like to buy. We will make your dream come true. Live your life to the fullest!

Gray Food & Beverage

We deliver high quality wine, liquer and food for picky palates. Gray Food & Beverage are an authorized supplier to Vinmonopolet.

Gray Invest London Ltd.

We run our business in London under the brand name Gray Select. Our present in London are very important to our customers. We will provide services such as raising capital, act as a door opener to the UK marked, be your temporary manager or simply be your advisor when it comes to making strategy plans. We intend to be a partner for Nordic companies establishing in the UK and UK companies establishing in the Nordic countries.

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